2018 Information!

Welcome to our 3/4 A class blog for this year!

You can find a lot of information by looking at the various pages – this includes topics discussed at the parent information evening.

You can find links to:

Year 3/4 Information Handbook 2018

Year 3-4 information night hand out

Digital technologies/econnect policy documents

Class timetable for this term

Yearly curriculum overview

Home learning policy

If you have any questions following the information evening, please leave a comment on this post! The 3/4 teachers will discuss questions and endeavour to respond to these as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our students and programs this year!


Welcome to 3/4 A 2018!

Dear 3/4 A,

Hi there! I am so excited to be teaching you next year. I wanted to write a letter to let you know some things about me. It would be great if you could write back to me, so that I can learn some more about you.

I have been at Moonee Ponds Primary School for 12 years. Most of you will know that I have been teaching prep for a long time, but did you know that I have also taught Grade 5/6 and Grade 1/2?

I have a pet rabbit, named Kimmy Gibbler. She is named after a character from one of my favourite TV shows from when I was little. She is grey and has long floppy ears, and I love her so much! Do you have any pets? Can you tell me about your family?

On the holidays, I am looking forward to spending time doing some of my favourite things. These include reading, going for walks, having picnics with my friends and going to the movies. There is one thing that I am most excited about – Christmas! It is my favourite time of year. I love singing Christmas songs and wrapping up presents to give to the people I care about. Oh, and of course I love eating all the delicious Christmas food. I have also set myself a holiday goal to get better at cooking!

I am looking forward to seeing you all in 3/4A with me at the start of next year, and to reading your letters. You can bring them to me this week, or on the first day of Term One. I’d love to hear about your family, your holiday plans, the things that you like, and what you are looking forward to in 3/4 A in 2018.

I have a feeling that we are going to have an amazing year together!

Love from Nicole

5/6 NM – Guidelines For Blogging Sessions

You must add at least ONE POST to your blog:

This may be a piece of writing on a topic of your choice

It may be from something in your draft book or you can compose a post while on the computer

You must introduce and give context for the piece of writing that you are publishing on your blog, for example:

“This is a reflection about what I learned on our class excursion to the Shrine of Rememberance. This is related to the topic we have been studying this term which is all about Australian History.”

Make sure that your writing has been proofread for spelling and grammar (get help from a classmate if you need it). This is a published piece of work, so should not have errors.

If you do not have a piece of work ready, you can use some of the following suggestions on what to post:

  • A reflection on your learning in the past week of school (choose a particular area, e.g. decimals, using paragraphs, character studies, and talk about what you have improved on and what you want to keep working on)
  • A recount of a recent event or experience
  • A book review for a book you are reading or have read (include summary, character description and problem, and who you would recommend the book for)

You must COMMENT on at least 2 other MPCS blog posts:

Ensure your comment is positive AND constructive

Make sure that you comment focuses on the work that the person has posted, not a general comment.

For example:

“This persuasive text was very convincing. You used a range of arguments and a lot of examples and evidence. You could change some of the language to higher modality words (such as could to must)”

and NOT:

“Great blog, I love your work!”

Term 3 – Here we go…

Well 5/6s who can believe we are half way through the year!

At the beginning of this term we are working on our group projects about events that have shaped Australia’s identity – the project information is there for you on the page titled “Windows on Australia”.

After this our term focus will be “Who’s who in the news?” We will be looking at our government, how it works at different levels, and how we see it in the media – leading onto our exciting Canberra Camp in Term 4.

In maths we will be spending time building on our understandings of fractions and decimals and all things related! Following our incursion “Start Smart” we will be investigating money and finances in real life contexts.

As well as our regular class activities, Term 3 brings some exciting additional events and experiences – our first ‘Three-Way-Conferences” are in Week 3, I can’t wait to survive my first ‘Met Challenge’, as well as preparation for my favourite school event – the Cabaret!

I look forward to spending this term continuing our learning together, and I can’t wait to see your continued organisation, co-operation and reflection skills developing as we move through the second half of the year. Our timetable has changed this semester so remember to keep your diary updated!


Homework – goals for semester 1

On Monday everyone needs to bring their USB, containing a word document with your goals typed up. Your document should be saved with your name or initials in the title, e.g Nicole’s goals, or Goals – NM.

The document should contain 3 paragraphs of about 500 characters each, as explained below:

Paragraph 1 – My Semester One goals

These should be typed into a paragraph. If you cannot find the goals you wrote at the beginning of the year, you will need to rewrite them, in the present tense, as though they were written at the beginning of the year. For example: This semester, I aim to improve in….

Paragraph 2 – My Semester One Achievements

You must address each of your semester one goals, and reflect on whether you achieved them or not. You may include details about how you achieved them, such as “I achieved my goal around…. because I am now able to…”

Paragraph 3 – My Semester Two goals

Set around 3  goals for the remainder of the year. These may include goals that you haven’t met so far. They should include a range of learning areas (e.g. literacy, maths, organisation, etc) and should be SPECIFIC



Leader Project Due Soon!

As you all know, our projects are due on Friday the 11th of May – only a week away.

Make sure you stay on top of your  work – all the information is on the page ‘Leader of the Pack Project’, which you can find above.

I look forward to seeing the profiles and hearing you present your persuasive speeches.


Compass Award Leaders

Thanks to Imogen and Matthew for volunteering to be the Compass Award Youth Leaders for our class! Once the Compass program is up and running you will be able to show us your excellent leadership and organisational skills to help the program run smoothly.

Great work!


Term 2 Update

During Term 2 we are going to be finishing our unit on Leaders of the Pack, with students completing an individual project on a leader of their choice. To check the information about the topic and the project go to the “Leaders” page. After this we will begin our unit Windows on Australia. We will be learning about the significant events and people from the past that have made Australia the country it is today.

In Maths, we will be continuing to explore numbers such as prime, composite and square numbers. We will also be exploring mental strategies for solving multiplication and division problems and number patterns. Next we will move on to fractions and decimals and explore chance and probablility.

In Literacy, a focus this term will be developing our understandings of the comprehension strategies and exploring the 6 traits of writing. We will also continue to develop our understandings of persuasive text and explore biographies and personal recounts.

We have a few events coming up. Including a visit to the Shrine, Cross County and Athletics.

Looking forward to another busy term!


SRC reps!

Well the election is over and the votes are in…congratulations to Caitlin for being elected our class representative on the Student Representative Council! A clear second in the voting, Julian is now the assistant rep – well done!

Congratulations also to ALL the students who put themselves in the running and did an amazing job of writing a persuasive speech and reading it aloud to the class. You were all very impressive.

Lastly, an overall thumbs up to the class for taking the process seriously and for your outstanding support of your classmates!


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the 5/6 NM 2012 blog! We have had a great start to the year and I am looking forward to a fantastic year! This blog is here as a place for our class to keep the world updated on what’s going on and to link to all the student blogs!


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