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Family History Research Project

This term we will be completing an investigation into our own family history!

Your task is to find out about your family’s immigration story.  For some of you, your parents or grandparents may have been the ones to immigrate to Australia. For others it will be someone further back in your family’s history. Students of indigenous background can research their family story to share with the class.

We will be working on this project at school, and in class. Some of the information will need to be collected at home (interview, biography information, artefacts, recipes). We will have time at school to work on researching the country, finding the flag and images, and finding maps. We will also have time to work on putting it together into a poster. If some aspects don’t get finished at school, they may need to be followed up at home.

I am looking forward to the chance to find out more about all of your families’ backgrounds!

You can download a copy of the project information here: term 1 2018 research task_family immigration story-29nrsh0


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the 5/6 NM 2012 blog! We have had a great start to the year and I am looking forward to a fantastic year! This blog is here as a place for our class to keep the world updated on what’s going on and to link to all the student blogs!