Human Impact

We have already heard from two guest speakers about small, large (or tiny) things that humans can do to try and make sure that they are having a positive impact, or helping people to understand how to reduce negative impact.

Below are some links to help us understand some other organisations or groups of people who are working on this!

Click on the links to read and watch clips to learn about these. The next step will be to begin researching our own ideas of what you might like to do over the next few weeks to help contribute!

Yarra River’s environmental health at risk due to litter, pollution, pests and urban development

Yarra River:


River health

River issues


Useful links

What the Yarra Riverkeeper’s Association do

How You Can Help

Protecting our bay and waterways: How you can help

Choose your poem!

Preview and scan these poems. Choose one that you will read and respond to tomorrow.

When choosing a poem, think about one that you will be able to read, understand and analyse. Think about the topic, words and ideas expressed, and how well you can connect with these and think deeply about them. You might also think about how the poem is organised and how this will impact your fluency when reading aloud.

Make sure you preview and scan ALL of the texts before making your decision!

Homework I love you

The Teachers Jumped Out of the Windows

Listen to the mustnts

A Daydream

halfway down


Feelings About Words

The Written Word

Three Way Conferences

In 3/4 A we want our parents to be active participants in our student-led conferences next week. The students have been reflecting on the specific learning examples that they would like to share with you and thinking about what they can tell you about their learning. Sometimes it feels a little awkward though! To help make it feel more like a natural conversation, we would really like you to join in and ask us some questions that will help the students to explain what’s been happening in their learning. This will include their successes and challenges!

The following list of prompts were sent home to help you feel ready for the conversations. It would be great if parents could have a look through and think about what they might like to find out more about in this meeting time.

Here are some ideas of sentence starters or questions that you can use to initiate discussion with your child about their learning experiences and future goals:

  • That was great; I can see how much you have improved.
  • I can see how your [use of language and punctuation*] has improved.*respond to their learning focus
  • You seemed to have really enjoyed learning about…
  • You really seemed to have been interested in this topic.
  • You presented your work… (well, with pride, so I could understand)…
  • I can see how much more you understand because…
  • I can see how much thinking you would have had to do, to….
  • How has this changed the way you think?
  • What makes you say that?
  • How can you connect this to your everyday life?
  • I can see that you displayed confidence/risk-taking/empathy/independence/ commitment/enthusiasm/creativity when you completed this task. (choose one!)
  • You should be really be proud of……
  • Perhaps next term you can focus more on…………for a goal.
  • Thank you for sharing your learning with me/us, it’s so good to have seen what you do at school.

Feel free to ask the students what they think contributes to their successful learning and growth, and what things challenge them the most in their learning!

If you haven’t made an appointment, please do so online or speak to Nicole to arrange an alternative time!